Google y Apple: la clave es escuchar

Mientras pareciera que Google y Apple son compañías radicalmente diferentes, muchos componentes de su ADN son realmente similares.

Lo que los diferencia del resto es la noción que tienen de los medios: la forma de comunicación lineal ya no existe y ellos han sabido escuchar y responder. Negritas mías.

Think the Macbook Air's a crippled, compromised pile of junk? If the early numbers are anything to go by, Apple listened hard enough to understand exactly those features road warriors really need and use, ditched the rest - letting it craft a radical new value proposition, just like that. Funny - that's exactly the story of Google Search, AdWords, and increasingly, Google ads across media; a story competitors just can't seem to get right.

Media isn't just "content" and "pipes". Media is the stuff that stitches together the fabric of production and consumption: it's how producers and consumers interact. So it's likely, that as newspapers, radio stations, and TV networks did yesterday, whoever holds sway over media tomorrow will enjoy supernormal profits for decades, and be able to shape and influence the course of the rest of the economy.

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